Brand development

Brand development is key to what our company does. We achieve this through top line marketing strategies and a passionate team.

We develop our brands by addressing the markets needs and opportunities, identifying our key product benefits and USP’s, defining our packaging design and pricing, our route to market and creating brand building initiatives and promotions to achieve our goals. We look in for the best partners and believe in sustainable relationships. Our strengths and services include importation, product development, production, logistics and sales.


We aim for the long lasting success of all the products we develop, import and launch.

Before launching or distributing any product we will define a launch strategy. Based on target audience, market and product life phase we identify the right channels for launches and expansion of sales.


Reliable distribution is essential when launching a new product. Empty shelves don’t make anyone money. That’s why we only work with the best logistics partners. On top of that we have a 24/7 backup system, so we can find a solution quickly when we need one.


The best products are often made by inspiring companies. They have unique identities, an inspiring philosophy and the drive to change or define the future. These ambitions are attributes consumers can identify with. The local identity, and all local communications have to be in line with the global identity of the brand.


Every new product needs sales support. Whether it is sampling or a regional, local or national ad campaign; in store, outdoor or Public Relations, for every product launch we’ll define an appropriate launch strategy.

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A sustainable future with tasty food that is a bit better for everyone.

That’s a nice future to work on.


Our people

For successfully introducing and selling delicious, natural products you need unique people. You need people who understand how to sell products. Sales experts who know who to talk to and what for, who know where to find the target audiences and through which channels to reach them. People who understand how to negotiate and how to draw up contracts that a mutually beneficial.

You also need people understand your products or your new concepts. Who can translate not just the words on the side of your pack but the spirit of your brand. Who know which mediato use to attract the right people to your brand and your product. Who can create things like engaging ads and PoS material, free publicity in the right media and manage effective product samplings.


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